As the newest member of 74 Alloys, I am proud to say that there has been tremendous growth in the almost 2 years since I joined as VP. My career in the industry led me to Tungco as my own business dealings with them over the years were always clean, honest and unmatched. With 18 years experience in the scrap industry, I bring a wealth of scrap metal knowledge to 74.

While Tungsten Alloys and Tungsten Carbide Scraps are the niches of all Tungco companies, 74 focuses on high speed steel, cobalt alloys, metallic recoveries from numerous sludges, powders and other alloys connected to the Tungsten industry.

It is with this in mind and listening to the needs of our current suppliers that 74 Alloys assists Tungco and all suppliers, giving them the option to sell an array of alloys outside the Tungsten Carbide family.

As VP of 74 Alloys, I will continue the commitment of Tungco to provide top of line service, on-time payments, trustworthy settlements and full transparency. In this ever-changing market, our commitment is to stay on top of trends and deliver on our word.

We look forward to serving you!